Who Are We

The first privately owned conflict management and resolution consultancy in Pakistan.

Through our services and innovation we are:


Specialist: Our work is exclusively dedicated to improving the way organisations prevent, manage and resolve conflict deadlock.


Practitioners: Our professionals actively assist clients to find real-world solutions.


Experienced: We have experts who have experience in the field of conflict management and resolution.


Efficient: We focus on quick and cost-effective solutions for clients to resolve disputes and improve communications.


What you need to know about our services

– Arbitration, Mediation, Conciliation and Negotiation.

– Model contract clauses to build Arbitration, Conciliation and Mediation into business relationships.

– Guidelines for ADR process and the best choice available for specific dispute.

– Training for Arbitrators, Conciliators, Mediators, Professional and Industry advisors.

– Contact with other ADR organizations in Pakistan and Abroad.

– Fixed fee packages for small disputes

– Consumer Dispute related ADR

– Family Mediation

– To provide facilities and case management resources for conducting Arbitration under the Arbitration Act, 1940.

– The center has its own rules, known as “IACP Rules”, formulated specifically to improve efficiency of the process of Arbitration.

– We provide independent ADR for consumers and industry when they experience problems with regard to consumer complaints or issue of traders and manufacturers.

Services provided includes


Arbitration is legally binding under the Arbitration Act 1940 and provides for a review of the dispute by an independent qualified arbitrator who will publish an award that can be enforced in the courts if necessary.

Complaint review

Independent assessments of an organisations handling of a complaint.

Mediation / Conciliation / Negotiation

A process of facilitated dialogue between the customer and the company, conducted by an accredited IACP mediator, aimed at resolving disputes through a negotiated settlement.

Commercial dispute resolution

IACP are experts in the resolution of disputes and deadlocked negotiations of all kinds and sizes from small claims to disputes valued in the billions.


What you need to know about our focus

As a not-for-profit body, at the heart of IACP’s work is its center’s activity through which we carry out innovative research into understanding conflict in all its forms and the methods used to resolve it. From our research we aim to produce high-quality thought leadership which will help wider society utilise the benefits of alternative dispute resolution.

We focus on projects looking at resolving conflict within the world of private and public investigations; developing ADR training standards; and providing information on the Pakistan mediation market.

We support a number of projects that enable the next generation of advocates and business people to develop their negotiation, mediation and conflict management skills.


Consumer redress
We provide consumer dispute resolution solutions for businesses and trade bodies who have registered for our services. Dispute Resolution is carried out in such a way to ensure the solution is fast, effective and provided at a sustainable cost.


We provide facilities for arbitration to parties who would like to appoint an arbitrator from the IACP or otherwise. This includes management by staff and our premises for use.


IACP also focuses on implementing and carrying out arbitrations under the Arbitration Act 1940. IACP has its own rules for carrying out mediation and negotiations.